Heat Bed with Silicone Wire (~17 - 18") - MP Select Mini V1 and V2


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 This Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V1
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
  • Malyan M200

Would you like insulation installed? 
If yes, then be sure you choose the Bed Insulation option.

Wire sizes:
     • Heater Wire (with plug/connector) - A pair of 18-gauge silicone wires with a length of approximately 17 - 18 inches (34 - 36 inches total)
     • Sensor Wire (with plug/connector) - A pair of 24-gauge silicone wires with a length of approximately 17 - 18 inches (34 - 36 inches total)

The stock wire length is ~13.5 - 14 inches. The reason this bed comes with a few more inches is to make it easier to route the wires either through the back or the side of the printer's base.


  • If you are purchasing this replacement heat bed because your current bed is warped and you are hoping for better luck with a new bed, please know that these heat beds are factory replacements. What I mean by this is that the beds are flat right now but there is no guarantee that they will not warp. The beds are approximately 1.5mm thick aluminum with a PCB heater built-in so there is a good chance some warping will occur.
  • Does NOT include the black build surface but can be purchased here - Build Surface - 129mm x 140mm - MP Select Mini V1/V2
  • Bed insulation included only if the option is chosen

Currently Out of Stock???

If these are out of stock please check if there are any "blemish" beds available.

Heat Bed with Silicone Wire (~17 - 18") - BLEMISH - MP Select Mini V1 and V2