Shipping and Duties & Taxes

• General shipping information
• International shipping information
• Duties and taxes information

General Shipping

All orders are shipped from the United States, from Southern California. As of June 2022, orders will ship 1 to 3 days after placing the order.

If the order includes a display, UI board, and/or mainboard please know that there is a chance that the order will not go out the same day. This is because each and every display, UI board, and mainboard is tested just prior to packing the order. This is to ensure the customer receives a functioning product as would not always be the case if this step were skipped.

Please know that the shipping method named "USPS - USA (Priority Mail)" or similar is not referring to the speed at which an order is fulfilled. USPS Priority Mail is one of the services that the United States Postal Service offers. Choosing Priority does not mean your order will be fulfilled any sooner than it would be if First-Class were to be chosen. As mention above we try to fulfill orders the same day the order was placed or the following day. Of course there will sometimes be exceptions but we do our best to limit those times. Occasionally there could be a few days to possibly a week delay but in those cases there will be a notice on many of the pages and on the checkout page notifying the customer about the delay prior to the order being placed. 

More information about USPS Priority and First-Class Mail services:
Priority Mail Service
First-Class Mail Service

International Shipping

Please provide a telephone number when checking out. Some couriers require a telephone number for the sender and the recipient.
For International orders if you are not given a shipping option or you believe the shipping cost given is too high, please feel free to contact us so that we may look into it.

Delivery time

Regular post (USPS): Please be aware that shipping times can vary greatly when sending using regular post. These shipments are sent using the United States Postal Service (USPS) up until the package leaves the United States. Next it will need to be given clearance by the destination country's customs agency before being handed over to the local postal service. Sometimes packages will arrive within 5 days of being shipped but occasionally it can take up to 8 weeks. A tracking number will be emailed when the order is shipped. The tracking information can be viewed at the USPS website and usually the same tracking number can be entered at the destination country's local post website. Also please understand that GigDigit and surely other businesses (excluding Amazon and other high volume shippers) do not have a secret or direct line to contact USPS or the destination postal service.

DHL Express: Most orders sent via DHL Express will be received within one week after the package is given to them. Typically 2 to 4 days but depending on the destination it could take a few days longer. Most orders that are to be shipped via DHL Express will ship the next business day (Mon - Fri). It is possible to be shipped the same day but it depends on the time the order was placed and if DHL is able to pickup the package that day. DHL Express handles the customs clearance so it is expedited but sometimes they charge a fee to the recipient (please see the section "Duties and Taxes" below. GigDigit does have some limited options to contact DHL directly or at least their customer service line. DHL is usually good at resolving problems since they are in possession of the package the entire time in most cases. 

Countries that GigDigit ships to

Currently we are shipping to United States and Canada. and United Kingdom 

(Currently not shipping to EU countries. Trying to figure out how to setup VAT collection requirements for EU countries.) 

Currently we are shipping to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland (tracking appears to be non existent once in Ireland), Italy, Japan, Mexico (temporarily not available), Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (need to figure out what exactly needs to be done for the new VAT requirement), and United States. Shipping to other countries is considered upon request. This list may not be updated at times so please feel free to attempt to place an order and that will let you know if your country is on the list.
If you would like something shipped somewhere else please use the Contact Us page to send an email with your request. Please allow a couple days for a reply. If you do not get a reply please politely send another message.

Duties and Taxes

International customers are responsible to pay for any customs duties/tariffs and/or taxes that are imposed by the destination country. (Duties and taxes are not collected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.)  All products are shipped from the USA but most items country of origin will be marked as CN or China. The product description will be similar to "spare part for 3d printer - " and also include a short comment about the specific item.

Here are a few examples:
       • "spare part for 3d printer - belt"
       • "spare part for 3d printer - mainboard"
       • "spare part for 3d printer - build plate"

If there is a specific HTS code that you would like to be used for importing the goods please Contact Us with the request before placing the order. Provide the  HTS code, the product name, SKU, or link to the product page, and the country. We will then research if the HTS code provided can be used for the product(s) you wish to order. GigDigit will not use an HS or HTS code that we believe is not appropriate for an item.

Brokerage/Handling fees

Some postal and courier service may charge a fee in addition to the customs duties/tariffs and/or taxes that are imposed by the destination country.

       • Canada Post may charge "a handling fee of $9.95CAD per dutiable or taxable mail item".
          The handling fee is separate from the fees Canada Post collects on behalf of the CBSA.
       • DHL Express may charge $11.00 or 2.5% of the duties and taxes paid.
          This fee will be charged if the Canada Border Services Agency determined any duties and/or taxes were owed on the items imported.