Heat Bed with 20 inch Silicone Wire - MP Select Mini V1 and V2

If out of stock check to see if there are any "Blemish" beds available. https://gigdigit.com/heat-bed-with-20-inch-silicone-wire-blemish-select-mini/See the product description below for a link.
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If these are out of stock please check if there are any "blemish" beds available.

Heat Bed with 20 inch Silicone Wire - BLEMISH - Select Mini

This Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V1
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
  • Malyan M200


  • If you are purchasing this replacement heat bed because your current bed is warped and you are hoping for better luck with a new bed, please know that these heat beds are factory replacements. What I mean by this is that the beds are flat right now but there is no guarantee that they will not warp. The beds are approximately 1.5mm thick aluminum with a PCB heater built-in so there is a good chance some warping will occur.
  • Does NOT include the black build surface but can be purchased here - Build Surface - 129mm x 140mm - MP Select Mini V1/V2
  • Bed insulation included only if the option is chosen