Mainboard - Select Mini V2 - Original Version


$49.00 - $65.00
Very limited supply. Please allow 2 to 4 days after providing the stepper motor information for the mainboard to ship.
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For the new "Quiet" version please see this product listing - Mainboard - Select Mini V1 & V2 - New "Quiet" Version

Compatible with:

  • MP Select Mini V2 (with 10 Ohm stepper motors)
  • Malyan M200 (with 10 Ohm stepper motors)
  • ProFab Mini (with 10 Ohm stepper motors)
  • Prima Creator P120 (with 10 Ohm stepper motors)
  • SpiderMaker (with 10 Ohm stepper motors)


  • After placing your order please provide at least one stepper motor model number from either the X, Y, or the extruder. This is to verify that the new mainboard will work with your stepper motors. You may send this information via the contact us page or reply to your order confirmation email.
  • If you have a V1 or a V2 with stepper motors other than 10 Ohms (for example 2 - 3 Ohms) you will need the mainboard intended for the V1
  • Each mainboard has at minimum one test print ran with it to verify all is working. Most often the board is not tested until after ordered to ensure that it indeed was tested and working just before being sent to the customer.

Warranty & Return policy:

  • As mentioned above, each mainboard is tested by GigDigit to verify the  functionality before it is sent to the customer.
  • If you do not plan to use the mainboard right away or are purchasing to have a spare on hand, please inspect and test the mainboard before storing for later use.
  • Please see the store's general Returns page for additional information.

If purchasing the mainboard as a replacement part, please be sure to fix the problem that caused the damage to the previous mainboard before installing the new mainboard. If this is not done before install the new mainboard, then there is a good chance the new mainboard will be damaged in the same or similar way.