Mainboard - Select Mini "Pro"/V3 - Normal or "Quiet" (See Description)


$51.00 - $66.80
Stock is limited. Less than 10 units remaining. If the quiet version is showing out of stock, you may purchase the stock version and contact us right away to ask to convert to a quiet version.
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Compatible with:

  • MP Select Mini "Pro"/V3

DO NOT purchase to use with a V2. The stepper motors are different on most V2's which means the stepper drivers on the "Pro"/V3 mainboard are tuned differently than the V2.

DO NOT purchase to use with a V1. Although the stepper motors are the same on most V1's as that are in the "Pro"/V3, you will not receive the needed adapters/cables to connect the fan/Z-axis endstop, and display.


This is hopefully a temporary description for the quiet option of the mainboard replacement for the Select Mini "Pro"/V3. This option is also available for the V1 and V2.

Here is a Google Photos album with videos and a couple pictures that show off the TMC stepper drivers. Some pictures show variable resistors which will not be on the mainboards because they are not needed but can be added for an additional cost if they are wanted.

Basically it will make the printer much quieter when printing. There fans will be the loudest part of the machine and then maybe a little bearing noise but that will vary from printer to printer.

I will not claim that swapping the stock A4988 stepper drivers with TMC2208 stepper drivers will make prints come out better or print faster. I will say that this upgrade will make the printer much quieter without loss of quality or speed. No firmware modifications are needed. No hardware changes have to be made by the user to accommodate the upgraded driver. As far as the user is concerned all is the same in regards to hooking up the board and printing with the same slicer settings as used before.

NOTE: The TMC2208 drivers are running in "legacy mode". The TMC2208 will interpolate received step signals to 256 microsteps. UART is not available in legacy mode.