Heater Block for MP Select Mini V2*, Pro/V3, MP Mini Delta V1, MP10's, and M320


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Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro/V3
  • Monoprice MP Mini Delta V1
  • Monoprice MP10
  • Monoprice MP10 Mini
  • Malyan MA10
  • Malyan MA10 Mini

Heater Block Dimensions: 16mm x 16mm x 12mm
Set Screw Size: M4-0.7 x 3mm or M4-0.7 x 4mm (A set/grub screw is included but not shown in the product photos)

NOTE: Neither of the two holes located on the side of the heater block are threaded. These are factory replacements which do not use either of the two holes to install the thermistor. These heater blocks are intended to have a thermistor installed just like the original did from the factory. The factory installs the thermistor in the hole located on the top of the heater block. The thermistor in held in place using a high temperature silicone adhesive and then the heater block is wrapped with the insulation and polyimide (Kapton) tape.

*Some early batches of Select Mini V2's had heater blocks that are 20mm x 20mm x 10mm