Heater Cartridge - MP Select Mini V2(Short Wires)* and Pro/V3


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Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 (Newer models only. Please read the not below, view the product pictures, and watch the video if uncertain what this note is for.)
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini "Pro"/V3

Includes one (1) 12V ~30W heater cartridge with the proper plug as shown in the product images.

* This heater cartridge is intended to be used with MP Select Mini V2 that has connections within the tower. The plugs are located toward the top of the tower. See the product images for a couple examples. Also there is a video below that explains the difference between the Select Mini V2's that have either the short and full length versions of the wires. If for some reason the video is missing here is a direct link: https://youtu.be/yuAJLGmFNOs

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