Hotend Assembly - MP Select Mini V2 and Pro/V3 - New Version

$32.00 - $35.50
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5 units
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Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V1
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro/V3
  • Malyan M200
This is a new version of the hotend assembly. It is mostly the same as the previous version with a couple of small changes.
  • The connector on top of the heat sink uses a plastic insert and a horseshoe shaped clamp to secure the Bowden tube. The Bowden tube runs further into the heat sink.
  • The PTFE liner (inside the heat break/throat) is about half the length ~28mm (old version is ~51mm) but is still 3.5mm.
The 51mm PTFE liners available for purchase here can be used with the new version but would need to be cut using either something like a razer blade. Do not use scissors or similar as that would pinch and deform the tube. 28mm PTFE liners can be purchased upon request.
Everything on this version of the hotend assembly is the same as the previous version except for the parts mentioned above.
See the video below that explains the difference between the Select Mini V2's that have either the short and full length versions of the wires. If for some reason the video is missing here is a direct link:

* The option without wire extensions is intended to be used with MP Select Mini V2 (and Pro/V3) that has connections within the tower. The plugs are located toward the top of the tower.
    The plugs are located toward the top of the tower. See the product images for a couple examples. 

** The option with wire extensions is intended to be used with MP Select Mini V2 that does not have the connections within the tower. This option will make it so there are connection points at the top of the tower for the heater and thermistor.

Wire extensions can be made available to customers that have accidentally purchased the short wire version. The cost would be whatever the current differences is between the two versions plus shipping. It is possible the wire extensions can be made available as a separate purchase but the cost will be at least double the current price difference plus shipping.

(Does NOT include the fanfan shroudfan shroud clips, hotend mount, or Bowden tube)

When connecting the plugs, please be sure to check that you connecting to the correct plug. Do not rely on the color of the plugs to determine if the correct plug is being used.

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