Extruder - Feed Mechanism for MP Mini Delta


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This product comes with no guarantee that the metal ring/teeth of the Bowden connector will not break.

Includes two (2) extra Bowden Connector for the New Extruder / Feeder Mechanism 

The screw in the arm is a M3 x 25mm button head and the other two screws visible in the product photos are M3 x 22mm button head. The short (not visible) screw is a M3 x 8mm button head. The screw heads may be hex or Phillips.

Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Mini Delta
  • Malyan M300


Here are some printable replacement extruders/feeder mechanisms on Thingiverse - Thingiverse Collection of Extruders for the Mini Delta and Select Mini

This model on Thingiverse is designed to keep the new extruder type but print an adapter to be able to use a standard PC4-M6 Bowden connector instead of the new style that seem prone to breaking.