Auto Leveling (Inductive) Sensor for MP10 and MP10 Mini


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This product comes with no guarantee that the sensor will not fail similar to what may be the reason you are seeking a replacement.

Please contact the seller where you purchased the printer if you are concerned with the inductive sensor (or any other part) failing/breaking.

This is a factory replacement part that is being made available after being asked multiple times to do so by users.

Compatible with:

    • Monoprice MP10 & MP10 Mini

What is included:

    • One inductive sensor with housing as pictured.

What is not included:

    • Wiring/Wire harness (not pictured)
    • Fan shroud that the inductive sensor housing attaches to (not pictured)

IMPORTANT: Do not purchase for use with the MP Select Mini Pro/V3.
The inductive sensor of the MP10/MP10 Mini looks similar to the inductive sensor for the Select Mini Pro/V3 but the sensitivity may not be able to set high enough to detect the aluminum bed of the Select Mini Pro/V3. The MP10/M10 Mini has a flexible steel sheet on the bed so the inductive sensor can detect the surface of the bed sooner than if it were aluminum.