5.5" LCD Mounted in Housing for Beam3D Prism


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Compatible with:

  • Beam3D Prism


  • LCD pre-installed in the LCD/UV LED Array housing.
    • (5.5" 2560 x 1440 Sharp LS055R1SX04)

Does NOT Include:

  • UV LED Array, Lens, interconnect board, fan or screws. All these items must be removed from the existing box to be installed on the new box with LCD.

This is a factory replacement part. The manufacturer of the printer has assembled this part using the same components that are used when assembling a full printer.

IMPORTANT: The masking LCD is a consumable item when used for the purposes of masking UV light for a MSLA resin 3D printer.
(Hopefully users knew this before purchasing a MSLA LCD 3D printer, but we'll mention it here anyway.)

Even with "normal" use as a masking LCD the LCD will need to be replaced. There is not a set number of prints or amount of time the masking LCD will last before needing to be replaced.
There are many reasons that an LCD can go bad. Listed below are some possible causes:

  • UV light degrades the LCD.
  • Excessive heat will increase the degradation of the LCD. Insufficient cooling and long curing times will create excessive heat. 
  • If a support or other piece of the model falls into the vat during printing that piece could be pressed into the LCD if the piece is beneath a cured portion of the model.
  • If a new print is started before the vat is properly cleaned to remove every bit of cured resin or other debris that may have found its way into the vat. A small cured piece of resin floating in the vat or stuck to the FEP sheet from a previous print has a high chance of being pressed into the LCD either during leveling the build plate or during a print.
  • A model, tool, build plate, or other item falling into the vat or onto the LCD may cause the LCD to break even if you cannot see a crack.
  • Excessive suction is thought to contribute to damaging the LCD but mostly excessive heat and debris in the vat will damage the LCD.

The masking LCD is not actually meant for use with resin 3D printers. These LCD's are meant for use in devices such as mobile phones. The LCD's that most (possibly all) MSLA resin 3D printers use are not designed to have UV light as the backlight source. They are not designed to be subjected to the high temperatures generated by the UV LED's and chemical reaction that occurs when UV light cures the resin. The LCD's are not designed to be subjected to pressure such as sometimes is the case when using with resin 3D printers.

Warranty & Return policy:

  • Each LCD is tested by GigDigit to verify functionality before it is sent to the customer.
    • The test consists of attaching a UV LCD array and connecting to a mainboard.
    • Then a short dry (no vat installed) test is ran to visually check that all areas of the LCD are fully operational.
    • This is to ensure no cracks, dead pixels, or screen separations are present.
  • The product is not returnable unless it was damaged during transport. If purchasing as an extra LCD to have on hand, inspect and test the LCD before storing for later use.