Linear Motion Smooth Rods - Y Axis for MP Select Mini V1, V2, and Pro/V3 - (Qty 2)


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Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V1
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini V2
  • Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro/V3
  • Malyan M200


  • Two (2) - 8mm linear motion smooth rods tapped on each end.

Some batches of printers shipped with linear motion smooth rods that did not have tapped ends. Some of those printers may not have a hole in the bed tray to utilize the tapped ends of the rods but can be used with the printers existing mounting brackets and set screw to secure the rods.

NOTE: These linear rods are from the printer factory so the will be the same quality that were originally shipped with your printer.