Extruder - Feed Mechanism for MP10, MP10 Mini and Malyan M320 - Updated Left Hand


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Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP10
  • Monoprice MP10 Mini
  • Malyan MA10
  • Malyan MA10 Mini
  • Malyan M320

The screw in the arm is a M3 x 25mm button head and the other two screws visible in the product photos are M3 x 22mm button head. The short (not visible) screw is a M3 x 8mm button head. The screw heads may be hex or Phillips.

Includes one spare connector/collet.
Does NOT include a spare collet clip. (STL's for Bowden/Collet clips can be found on sites like Thingiverse.com)

(The spare connector is provided only so the customer knows they have a spare if ever needed.  The connector is not like the previous plastic version with the blue top that had something like an internal tooth lock washer to hold the Bowden tube. The toothed washer like piece was metal but thinner so it could be somewhat flexible which is probably why it was prone to breaking when put under too much stress.  The connector used with this extruder/feed mechanism is also plastic but has four metal barb-like teeth that bite/grab the Bowden tube preventing it from pulling out of the connector while the collar is in place. When the Bowden/collet clip is removed and the connector is pushed down/in, the Bowden tube can be released.)