57 Watt Parallel UV LED Array with Lens for MP Mini SLA V1/V2


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The lens will distribute the UV light more evenly and at the same time will focus the distributed UV light to the LCD.
This is already included in what is being called the "V2" of the MP Mini SLA and also in the Beam3D Prism.
This will work as a replacement UV LED array for the MP Mini SLA V1 and V2 and the Beam3D Prism. There is nothing special to connect this to either version.

Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP Mini SLA V1/V2 (Monoprice product# 35435) 
  • Beam3D Prism
  • Malyan S100


  • 57 Watt Parallel UV LED
  • Lens
  • 4 Screws to secure lens to UV LED array (Not shown in the temporary product image)

The interconnect PCB that has two ribbon cables attached to it will have to be removed from the existing UV LED array and transferred onto the new UV LED array.