Extruder - Feed Mechanism for MP10 and MP10 Mini


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This product comes with no guarantee that the metal ring/teeth of the Bowden connector will not break.

Includes two (2) extra Bowden Connector for the New Extruder / Feeder Mechanism 

The screw in the arm is a M3 x 25mm button head and the other two screws visible in the product photos are M3 x 22mm button head. The short (not visible) screw is a M3 x 8mm button head. The screw heads may be hex or Phillips.

Compatible with:

  • Monoprice MP10
  • Monoprice MP10 Mini
  • Malyan MA10
  • Malyan MA10 Mini

Here are some printable replacement extruders/feeder mechanisms on Thingiverse that may work but they will likely have to be mirrored before printing - Thingiverse Collection of Extruders for the Mini Delta and Select Mini